Love this home in East Austin. 

A trip to Denton to see Shayla and kids. 

Spring is here and I can’t stop photographing flowers. 

Do not run in front of my car. Imma let it slide this time cause you’re pretty.

Truck stop outside of El Paso, Texas. 

Verity leaps. Taken at White Sands National Monument. 

In her last memoir I Remember Nothing, Nora Ephron made a list of things she’ll miss and things she won’t miss. The one that hit home, “Dinner with friends in cities where none of us lives”. 

Photo taken in Varenna, Italy. 

Big sky country out in ol’ West Texas. Taken last week on the hunt for the mysterious “Marfa Lights”.  No lights, just these magnificent stars. I’ll take it. 

My rendition of Robyn’s dancing on my own.