Title: A Cozy Winter
Size: 8x10

A beautiful snow covered red cabin set on the water in Northern Norway. My dream christmas getaway. 

Magnificent fall leaves. A shot of beautiful Bergen, Norway in October. I looked up and saw three different colored trees before me. Green, red, and orange leaves, a sure sign of Autumn. 

Title: Pastel Italian
Size: 8x10

Oh just one of the millions of cute windows and shutters in the most picturesque village, Varenna, Italy. 

Title: The Cozy Place
Size: 8x10

I wish I could spend my winters in this rustic wooden cabin. I wouldn’t mind if the snow trapped me in there. Taken in Northern Norway.

Nautical Amsterdam print on etsy

Title: Sleigh Bells
Size: 8x10

I went on the most incredible dog sleigh ride in the arctic Northern Norway. This was taken right before I got on for the ride of a lifetime.

Title: Cabin in Glow
Size: 16x20

On a trip to Northern Norway in dead of winter, I went out on a mission to find the northern lights. I walked around the snow for an hour with no lights in the sky to be found. On this little journey I found this lit cabin in the dark night sky. It made me smile.